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Boys incest stories

boys incest stories

Free Man/Boy Gay Sex Stories





Miklos and Davros are two Greek brothers, who have opened a restaurant after years of preparation. When the eminent food critic entered, they were overjoyed. until they learned he planned ahead of time to destroy them with a deliberately bad review. What was left for these two desperate men to do but deliver a special revenge via a special sauce of their own, each with their brother’s hand to help whip it up!


Our young hero has been awakened in the early morning by his naked Daddy crawling into bed with him. Daddy tells him that Mommy didn’t take care of Daddy’s morning wood, so our hero is going to have to deal with it instead!

Our hero and his mother have gone West to meet the man she is to marry, which she met by a matrimonial ad in the newspaper. But the man turns out to be six men, six brothers, who offer her a group marriage. As they’ll pay her debts in the bargain, she agrees, but our hero is left with five of his new stepfathers upstairs in their communal bedroom, while Mom has a honeymoon with the eldest brother downstairs. Only these men are in for a honeymoon of their own with our young hero who takes them all on when the lights go down.

Eddie’s parents have a problem, their older children, boy-girl twins aged nineteen, are both inviting a friend over for the weekend, but those «friends» are each other’s boyfriend/girlfriend, and Mom suspects they’ll break her rules about no premarital sex in her home. So she sets Eddie to sleep with his older brother and brother’s friend for the weekend, he is to be the watchdog and report if they slip out to hook up with the girls during the night. But when Big Brother and his buddy can’t get their girls, Eddie is only too happy to fill in for them!

Whatever It Takes

Henry Sheppard, a big strapping young man, is coming to stay with the Harberry family up on the mountain for five days, while he looks over their three eligible girls to see if he wants to stay on and court any of them. But our six-year-old hero is the one whose bed Henry ends up sharing, and it quickly turns out that our hero is the one that Henry wants to stay with!


Incest in literature — Wikipedia

Incest in literature

There are various forms of incest in literature. from those with a compositional prose as well as those intended for less mature audiences.

Mother/son incest [ edit ]

  • Incest is a major element of the Sophocles play Oedipus Rex. based on the story from Greek mythology. in which the title character unknowingly kills his father and marries his mother. This act came to great prominence in the 20th century with Freud’s analysis of the Oedipus complex as lying beneath the psychology of all men. Its female counterpart is called the Electra complex. Incest also plays a major role in the sequel to Oedipus, Antigone , which revolves around the lives of the four children produced by Oedipus and his mother. The main figure is their oldest daughter, Antigone, who believes she and her siblings are cursed because of their parents. Also, Antigone is engaged to her first cousin, once removed, Haemon (which was, however, not considered incestuous in the culture of the time nor is today in other parts of the world).
  • In One Person (2012) by John Irving has mother-son incest. The mother-son incest was a failed attempt at preventing a genetic male with gender dysphoria from wanting to do a male-to-female gender transition. The son ended up transitioning anyway.
  • My Mother (1966) by George Bataille is a coming-of-age story leading to a mother/son relationship. Christophe Honore’s Ma Mère movie is loosely based on the book.
  • In Chthon. a Nebula and Hugo nominated 1967 sci-fi novel by Piers Anthony. the main character Aton Five falls for and eventually wins the love of Malice, a woman he discovers to be his mother only after she first seduces him, but before they become an item.
  • Pete Hamill ‘s 1977 novel Flesh and Blood deals with mother-son incest and its consequences for both. It is believed to have directly inspired the Taboo series of adult films. [citation needed ]

Non-consensual incest [ edit ]

  • In Incendies , a 2010 French-Canadian film about twin siblings travelling to Lebanon to find their brother and father in obedience to their late mother’s will, the twins discover that they are the product of incest between their mother and a son she had in 1970, who raped her aged 18 when she was in prison for murder of a Christian far-right militant. They then give the two envelopes their mother has prepared (labelled «to the father» and «to the son» in French) to the same man after finding him in their own country under an assumed identity.
  • In The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2001) by JT LeRoy. five-year-old Jeremiah is physically and sexually abused by his prostitute mother.

Other adult/child incest in fiction [ edit ]

  • One of the main plots of Chuck Palahniuk ‘s novel Rant features the possibility of time travel combined with incest. By replacing one’s own father, grandfather and great-grandfather by the means of time travel, one might purify one’s own genetic material to a great extent. The main character, who is assumably the product of such a process, has for example, a largely extended ability to smell, increased perception and has also an increased ability to deal with pain and poisoning.
  • Two of Robert A. Heinlein ‘s novel have incest content. In Time for the Stars. Tom Bartlett returns from his relativistic space travels to marry his great grand niece, having known her telepathically since she was a baby. In Glory Road. a mother and her daughters (18 and 13 years old) offer their sexual favors to the protagonist — the more of them he accepts, by their cultural standards, the more he honors them — but, bound by his own Earthly inhibitions, he does them the dishonor of refusing their offer.
  • The novel, First Love: A Gothic Tale by Joyce Carol Oates. portrays the abusive/sexual relationship 11-year-old Josie has with her adult cousin, Jared. The psychological and physical abuse she receives from her mother and aunt makes her believe that Jared’s sexual abuse is a form of him expressing his love to her.
  • Incest appears in many of William Faulkner ‘s works, either enacted or imagined. Examples include Go Down, Moses. The Sound and the Fury and Sanctuary .

Comic books [ edit ]

  • In the Planetary comic book series by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. Doc Brass was the result of an eugenics experiment that went all the way back to the French revolution. In issue #5, ‘The Good Doctor,’ it is revealed that his parents were siblings.
  • In the Alan Moore graphic novel Lost Girls. incest plays a prominent part in the retelling of the story of Wendy Darling and her brothers from Peter Pan and Dorothy Gale and her «uncle» (actually her father) from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz .
  • In the Marvel book The Ultimates. the characters Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver shared an incestuous relationship together until she was shot by a bullet tracking her D. N.A. in a plot orchestrated by Doctor Doom.

Japanese manga and anime [ edit ]

Incest has been a recurring subject in Japanese manga such as Osamu Tezuka ‘s Ayako (1972–1973). Incest has also been a subject in Japanese anime. dating all the way back to one of the medium’s earliest pornographic titles, Cream Lemon. Sibling incest is the most common manifestation.

Cousin coupling is very common, in Japan because cousin marriages are not incestuous, but actually have been desirable. [12]

Several kinds of incest [ edit ]

The popular anime Tenchi Muyo! has several instances of incest, which are seen as normal.

  • Ayeka, one of the main characters, was once engaged to her half-brother, Yosho. On Ayeka’s planet, such a thing is not considered bad. In fact, she comes to Earth looking for him. She is later shown to have feelings for Yosho’s grandson Tenchi, who is technically her grandnephew.
  • In the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki continuity, Tenchi’s parents, Nobuyuki and late Kiyone, were also related.
  • The great-grandparents of main character Mihoshi Kuramitsu were step-siblings.

Twincest [ edit ]

Certain anime programs, such as Koi Kaze and Please Twins!. are serious, even sympathetic, studies of the characters as they struggle with their emotions and societal taboos. In Please Twins! this is because both girls fell in love with the protagonist, despite knowing that either of them could be his biological twin sister.

In the shojo manga Boku wa Imōto ni Koi o Suru. Yori and Iku are twin brother and sister who have been extremely close all their lives and who now begin to fall in love with each other and have to face the consequences of it. It is later revealed that they are half-twins due to them being the product of a heteropaternal superfecundation (they have different fathers). At the end, Yori attempts to separate from her for 10 years but when he and Iku reunite, he says that he still loves her and it is hinted that they have resumed their relationship.

In the visual novel and anime Yosuga no Sora. Sora has feelings for her twin brother, Haru, ever since they were kids. After their parents died, they moved back to the old house and Sora has been keeping her feelings suppressed while she fantasizes being with him. In episode 11 and 12, they had opened themselves to their feelings and decide to abandon their friends and home to be together.

Sibcest [ edit ]

Shojo manga author Kaori Yuki has used this theme twice:

  • In Godchild. the protagonist, Cain Hargreaves, is the product of the incestuous union of his father and his father’s older sister, inheriting gold-green eyes and the curse of being unable to love anyone who was not blood related to him. Cain also has a love interest in his half-sister/cousin who doesn’t return his feelings.
  • In Angel Sanctuary. she uses incest as a necessary plot device. Setsuna Mudo is in love with his sister, Sara, who returns his feelings. As it turns out, Setsuna is the reincarnation of the angel Alexiel, who long ago was punished to be reincarnated as a human, while Sara is in fact Jibril, the Angel of Water. They are so determined to stay together that they willingly abandon their family and future without a second thought and Setsuna searches relentlessly in Hell for Sara’s soul.

In the anime and manga franchise Vampire Knight. pureblooded vampires often marry siblings to keep their bloodline pure – Yuki Cross’s parents were siblings, and it was stated that she was «born» to be Kaname’s (her older brother) wife.

In the Maze. Mei and her brother, Akira, had an incestuous encounter when they were young and this led him to being viewed as an outcast by their parents. However, they are still in love with each other and remain together, despite their love being a taboo.

In the light novel, visual novel, and anime Oreimo. siblings Kyosuke and Kirino are a pair of teenage otaku who gradually fall in love with each other and maintain a sexual relationship in secret from their parents, against the objections of all their friends and in defiance of the conventions of society.

In the manga Aki Sora. Aki is in love with her little brother, Sora, and is later able to persuade him into a sexual relationship, though he often considers breaking it off due to the fact he cannot see a future with this relationship. In the final chapter, they compromise and end their forbidden relationship. Later on in the manga he is repeatedly forced to have sex with his twin sister Nami. It is later discovered that their parents had been brother and sister.

In the manga, True Love. siblings Yuzuru and Ai were separated for ten years after their parents’ divorce. But, after reuniting, they begin to fall in love and have a secret relationship, against the objections of their mother and friends. They later find out they are not biologically related as he was adopted and they get married.

Parental incest [ edit ]

In the series Kaze to Ki no Uta. Gilbert is physically, emotionally, and sexually abused by his father, Auguste, who poses as his uncle. Auguste, who is interested in making Gilbert as his own personal pet, can be kind to Gilbert at one time and then be cruel in another. His influence is so strong that Gilbert actually believes they are in love. This ultimately has tragic consequences for Gilbert’s relationship with Serge.

Papa to Kiss in the Dark centers around a 15-year-old boy having an incestuous relationship with his father, who is later revealed to be his uncle.

Song lyrics [ edit ]

One of the first incest lines was a song called «The End » by psychedelic rock band The Doors. in which Jim Morrison sings, «Father/ Yes son?/ I want to kill you/ Mother, I want to. (fuck you).»

British musician Kate Bush ‘s song «The Kick Inside » from her 1978 album of the same name depicts an incestuous relationship, pregnancy and suicide involving a brother and sister.

The German metal band Rammstein touches on incest in «Spiel mit mir «, («Play with me»), featuring an incestuous relationship between brothers. In «Spiel mit mir «, the older brother apparently forces himself on his younger brother for sex so he will be able to sleep. Rammstein has written other songs dealing with incest including «Laichzeit» («Spawn time») and «Tier» («Animal»).

The deathmetalband Cancer has a song on the album Death Shall Rise called «Tasteless Incest», which is a song about an old man raping his own family. It is described that he hopes his children will rape their children as well, which often happens with sexual abuse.

The so-called «Mamasan Trilogy» by Seattle rockers Pearl Jam tells the story of a man’s incestuous relationship with his mother and the subsequent unfolding events. The trilogy begins with Alive. which singer Eddie Vedder explains as being part autobiographical and part fiction. When Eddie was a teenager, his mother revealed to him that the man he thought was his father was actually his stepfather, and his biological father was dead. It is the first piece to a trilogy of songs: «Alive», «Once» and «Footsteps.» «Alive» tells a story of incest, which leads to the murderous killing spree described in «Once», and eventually looking back from a prison cell in «Footsteps».

The song «This Love is Fucking Right» by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is about a consensual romantic relationship between a brother and sister.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut features the song «Uncle Fucka», in which accusations of incest are levelled by Terrance and Phillip .

Parental lyrics [ edit ]

A thirteen-year-old boy is molested by his mother because he looks like his deceased father in the song «Alive » by Pearl Jam. from the album Ten. Similarly, The Prize Fighter Inferno released a song titled «Our Darling Daughter You Are, Little Cecillia Marie» on the album My Brother’s Blood Machine. detailing a case of habitual father/daughter incest/rape, resulting in her attempted murder of her father.

«Embryo» by the Japanese band Dir En Grey is about a mother dying and the father raping the daughter. At the end of the song, the girl kills the father and discovers she is pregnant with his child.

The song Lemon Incest by Charlotte and Serge Gainsbourg is a song and music video about an incestuous relationship between a father and his daughter. The single cover is a picture of the half-clothed father with his daughter lying across his chest. Considering that father/daughter was the same family tie that the singers shared it caused suspicions that the song may be autobiographical. However, the Gainsbourgs denied these allegations and the song became very popular in France.

Gaming storylines [ edit ]

In Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu. the Archbishop Manfloy of the Lopt Sect, attempts to revive the dark dragon lord Loptous by manipulating Duke Arvis of Velthomer and the maiden Deirdre into marrying each other. The two of them are, unbeknownst to each other, half-siblings and the only living carriers of Loptous’ blood, and their union will produce a human vessel capable of hosting the consciousness of Loptous. Manfloy kidnaps Deirdre from her husband, Lord Sigurd of Chalphy, and erases her memory and manipulates Arvis into finding and falling in love with her. Arvis, who is in league with Manfloy to overthrow the Granvallean Empire but completely unaware of Manfloy’s true intentions, murders Sigurd and his army under the guise of a celebration. Arvis and Deirdre marry and eventually have twins, Julius and Julia, the former becoming the host of Loptous. Julia, however, does not inherit Loptous’ blood but instead inherit’s the blood of Naga, Loptous’ sworn enemy. Years later, after Julius becomes completely possessed by Loptous, attempts to kill his sister but Deirdre sacrifices herself and teleports Julia to safety, at the cost of her own life. Shortly before her death she regains her memories. Julia eventually reunites with her half-brother, Seliph, who is Sigurd and Deirdre’s son and the leader of a resistance army against Arvis and Julius. Julia begins to harbor romantic feelings for Seliph but stops after finding out he is her half-brother. Eventually with the help of Julia, Seliph kills Arvis, Julius, and Manfloy. avenging his parents’ deaths.

In Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. the two «sisters» Therese and Jeanette Voerman are revealed to be the same person: Therese was the original personality, and Jeanette was a sex-obsessed personality created so that Therese did not have to consciously experience being repeatedly sexually abused by her father. One day, «their» father forced himself on her when Therese was still in control, and she murdered him with a shotgun and was sent to an asylum. There, a Malkavian turned her into a vampire. The resulting supernatural psychosis caused her personality split to worsen, each side becoming a wholly fleshed out consciousness, with «Therese» being cold and repressed, and «Jeanette» getting the hyper-sexuality and Borderline Personality Disorder .

In Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. the main villain, historical figure Cesare Borgia has an incestuous relationship with his younger sister Lucrezia. who it is suggested was also sexually manipulating her father, on the instructions of her brother.

Incest Stories : The Birthday Boy — A Gay Sex

The Birthday Boy

Troy dumped his bike at the side of the house and ran inside, dumping his trainers in the doorway as he entered. As he opened the front room door he knew he was right. It had been Uncle Marc’s car he saw down the street. He bounced into the room.

“Uncle Marc,” he shouted jumping straight on his uncle’s lap.

“Well if it isn’t the birthday boy ,” smiled Uncle Marc, “your dad and I were just discussing your birthday party. Have you a kiss for your old Uncle?”

Troy leaned forward and gently kissed his Uncle’s full lips. Uncle Marc pressed back and the slid his tongue into his nephew’s mouth and began duelling with his sweet tongue. Troy loved kissing Uncle Marc, his tongue was much bigger than his dad’s was and he shivered as he remembered how his Uncle would use it one him.

“Hey what about me?” his dad interrupted, “don’t I get a kiss to?”

Troy transferred his tongue to his fathers mouth and began to suck on the tongue tip, he knew it would drive his dad wild. He was also aware that between his legs which was astride Uncle Marc’s lap he could feel his Uncles cock growing hard. He felt a hand caress his nipple and knew his tongue tip sucking was working on his dad, he knew his father’s touch all right.

He broke of the kiss.

“Your overdressed son,” his dad said pulling at the short shorts, which was all he was wearing.

Troy giggled and removing his shorts he slid his naked ten year old body between that of his father and his Uncle, To his delight they each chose a nipple to suck on whilst he reached for their respective cocks to begin to stroke them. His father was already wet and he assumed Uncle Marc had been sucking him.

“Careful son I’m already hot,” said his dad between mouth nips at his son’s now erect left nipple, “your uncle was getting me well warmed up just before you arrived.”

“It was all that talk about your birthday party that did it,” interrupted Marc between his own nipple nipping.

Troy lay back as his dad and Marc went to work on him. He continued to pull at both the thick cocks in his hands. He would be eleven very soon and he knew what his father wanted to do to celebrate his birthday, and as a good boy who loved his father he too wanted to please him. He knew his dad loved to fuck him in places where they could be overseen and he knew it was his greatest wish to fuck Troy in front of his friends.

As he played with the two cocks he loved so much he thought about some of the places they had fucked. They had done it on his desk at school on the night of the school play and he had gone on stage with his father’s precious cum inside him as he performed. They had also done it in one of the cubicles at the swimming gala and he had won his race with his dad’s swimming seed racing around inside him. But his father’s greatest wish was to fuck him openly, to show his love for his son for all to see and enjoy.

They had tried to do something at the School Sports Day and wearing just a towel from the shower he had climbed up on his dad’s lap at the back of the spectator area. The towel sort of hid them from the people around them who were really watching the races, but the school chairs had made it difficult and eventually impossible. He had only managed to get an inch of his dad’s cock inside him when they began to overbalance and had to give it up as a bad job. True they had gone into the shower room to finish it off, but by the time they had sorted it out everyone was back outside so it had not been the success his dad hoped for.

Both his father and his uncle’s cocks were getting slippery wet and Troy began to tingle.

“I wanna fuck,” he said.

The nipple action stopped.

“Go on Marc,” said his brother Mikey Troy’s dad, “ you haven’t had him for a week now, you do it.”

“No, no Mikey,” answered Marc, “he’s your boy, you should do the honour.”

“Troy,” asked his father, “who do you want to do it?”

Troy looked from one to the other and then he glanced at the two hard cocks he was playing with.

“Can’t I have both?” he said.

The brother’s looked at each other. A double fuck was not out of the question in fact it was a family tradition but Troy was considered still a bit small for the both of them. The two brothers nodded at each other, it was worth a try at least.

“Ok,” sighed his dad, “let’s try it then.”

“It’ll be great dad.” Troy jumped up excitedly, “I know it didn’t work last time but I’ve been practising.”

“Troy using two pliable dildoes is not the same as two hard cocks, especially ones as big as we have.” said his father hoping to calm him down. He did not want him upset like last time when the boy had failed to relax enough. He recalled how uptight he had been when trying to get his own fathers and Uncle Bob’s cock inside him for the first time and how carefully his father had dealt with his disappointment. He had been thirteen when he finally managed it, although he had managed Marc and his other brother Martin’s cocks when he was twelve, even if Martin was only a small nine-year old four incher at the time.

They went upstairs to the fuck room. Mikey began to arrange the bed and the pillows properly and Troy began to grease himself up. Marc looked at the photos that lined the wall.

Troy aged eight sucking cock for the first time, Troy aged seven jerking of his dad for the first time – there was a set of those which ended with the capture of Mikey’s cock spurting in Troy’s hands. Troy’s first fuck aged nine; he had taken a lot of them himself and he was proud of his handiwork. As ever he stopped to look at his favourite where he was fucking Troy in the surf by the seaside.

“Come on Marc.” his brother interrupted his reverie. “Get the cameras rolling.”

Marc crossed to the shelf where the controls lay and set the various cameras to record, he left the remotes by Mikey who would have a better view of the screens that would show the action.

He took the hand held one and focussed as Troy lay down on his father so he was lying on his fathers’ stomach. Troy was lying on his back; experience had shown them this was the better method for this type of position. He focussed on his brothers’ cock entering Troy’s fuck hole. The thick glistening tube slipped in slow and easy. Mikey lay flat out and now held Troy with one hand across the boys’ chest. Troy turned to one side to kiss his father.

“Feels good dad,” he said.

Marc moved in slowly focussing the camera on Mikey’s cock moving back and forth slow and easy. Mikey’s legs were wide open now and he got between them. He swung the camera to his own wet tipped pulsing cock as he brought it into line with Mikey’s cock and Troy’s fuckhole. He pushed forward gently. He had to abandon the camera now to work his cock slowly in and left the camera work to Mikey.

He pushed the tip of his cock along Mikey’s until it reached the entrance to Troy’s heaven. He looked at his nephew. “Al right, he said, “I’m going to try it now, so Troy remember, deep breaths when you feel it getting tight,”

The boy nodded, he was excited but relaxed, he could feel his uncles bell-end at his entrance, pushing, forcing, he held his breath and concentratred on the important muscle,

Inexorably Marc’s pulsing, heavily greased cock entered into Troy’s hole, the entrance which expanded and expanded and at last under the constant pressure the cockhead slipped in. Troy began to pant taking deep breaths as the pain began, but to him it was an acceptable pain and he knew it would soon ease. He could see his uncle getting closer and closer to him; he could feel the cock straining in and reaching the same place his father’s was. Finally, it was all inside him and the two brothers were balls deep into their marvellous offspring. Marc could now kiss Troy easily and buried his tongue deep into his nephew’s mouth. He could feel the sense of elation the boy was feeling and this was conveyed to his brother who was so very proud of his son at the moment. Marc himself was very elated and also extremely proud to be part of this event.

“Get used to it slowly Troy, so you feel comfortable, like when we first did it,” advised his father, “before we start fucking proper.” The unique triple coupling lay quietly, feeling each other’s pulse by the close contact of their heartbeat twitching cocks. Troy felt as though he could actually feel as the two cock spilled small amounts of precum to lubricate his awesomely stretched love-chute. He felt the pain subside to a dull ache and then even that was gone, all he could feel was the massive cock inside him, pulsing to a different joint beat, slightly rubbing against his tiny button that now began sending shivers into his own straining cock.

“Now.” said Troy softly and at his command the two brothers began gentle fucking motions, like little wavelets on the seashore. Initially they moved together and then as their own passions took over they began to rub against each other and against the velvet like sheath that contained them in an irregular pattern. The two brothers could see into each others open eyes, Marc also being gifted to see the play of emotions that crossed and criss-crossed Troy’s expressive face.

Troy felt great; to have his two favourite cocks inside him at once in his fuckhole felt sensational. He could feel the two heartbeats and was so aware of the two cocks moving at different rhythms inside him.

Mom seduces son and friends — incest, bi male — Sex Stories

Mom seduces son and friends — incest, bi male

Annette was preparing for the holidays and as usual the house was busy with activity. Her daughter Amy was home from college while her son and his friends were playing video games in his room.

It seemed his friends were always there. She didn’t mind. It was actually nice having them. They were good kids. Her son Trevor was 18, 5’10”, and handsome. His three best friends were Tom, Joel, and David. Tom and David had cute blonde hair. David was black. Annette was proud her son had such diverse friends.

She always thought it funny that he and his friends always hung out at her house. But when Amy was home, they almost never left. She laughed to herself. Why would they? Amy was 19 and beautiful: 5’6″, size 2, 34C and beautiful blonde hair. The boys worshipped her. Most of the time she found them annoying. Sometimes she found their attention cute.

Annette could hear the guys in Trevor’s room.

“What time do you think Amy’s coming home?”


“She’s so hot.”

“Yeah like you got a chance with her.”

“Oh yeah, as if you do.”

Annette laughed; teenage boys had no clue. It was funny to listen to them.

She thought about Amy. She knew that Amy was beautiful so she couldn’t blame the boys.

She remembered when boys used to chase her like that. She still had it. At 5’7″ and 102 pounds, she still got her share of looks from men but when Amy was around, the boys seemed to forget she was there.

Today she stood there listening to them talk.

Then David spoke up. “You know Trevor’s mom is pretty hot, too.”

Trevor laughed. “You’re such a perv. You want to fuck my mom and my sister?”

She could hear David push Trevor. “Shush man. You’re mom’s right in the kitchen.”

Trevor laughed. If only his friends knew. His mom was “sexually active”. Once when she had friends over, he heard one call her a slut. Rather than get mad, she said thank you.

He often wondered what sexually active meant. He’d never had sex. He knew what it was. But the details were blurry. He had seen his mom go out in very revealing clothes sometimes snd often when she did, his dad stayed home.

Annette meanwhile was listening.

David said, “One morning, when I stayed here, I caught your mom coming out of the shower. She was just wrapped in a towel. I think she figured we were still asleep. The towel wasn’t quite big enough. She said hi to me and then went back to her room. I don’t think she knew that from the back the towel didn’t cover her ass. She had a great ass. Sometimes when I jerk off I think about it.”

“Ewwwwww,” said Trevor

“What, that I think your mom has a hot ass?”

“No, we don’t want to hear about you jacking off.”

They all laughed.

Annette laughed too. She tried to remember when David saw her. The idea that he did turned her on. She seemed to remember the hallway rendezvous, but that was all. Thinking about David liking her ass was king of exciting. She wanted to see his expression. She thought it would be fun to “accidentally” show it again.

She wondered what Trevor would say. As a family they were ere sexually open, but they liked to keep it out of the streets. She stood there listening and wondering what would happen if she just walked in there naked right now? She’d probably scare the hell out of them. Maybe not David. David was pretty bold. She wondered what he’d do.

She’d once walked in on her son sucking David’s cock. She was shocked, not sure what to do she just stood there and stared. David saw her first and she just smiled. When Trevor saw him, he let out a “Mommmm!!”.

Annette had left the room quickly.

She stood there daydreaming for a while. She was shaken out of her daydream when Amy came in.

“What ya doin’ mom?”

Annette stammered, then laughed, “I’m listening to the little perverts talk.”

“Anything fascinating? I am sure 18 year old conversation is scintillating.” She laughed because she used such a big word.

“Well,” said Annette. “They mentioned you were hot.”

Amy laughed, “They talk about that a lot. Sometimes I think I should just fuck all the little pervs and watch them die of heart attacks.”

Sex stories: Story of an Indian family

Annette laughed. “You talk to your mother with that mouth?”

Amy retorted, “I do much worse things with it.”

They both laughed.

Amy said, “Watch this.”

She was wearing a button down top. She unbuttoned three buttons and walked into Trevor’s room.

“Hi guys,” she said.

Not a sound. They all just stared at her.

She laughed and said, “Bye, guys,” and left the room.

Immediately Trevor said to David, “Smooth.”

Annette laughed.

Meanwhile Amy went to change. She had just got home from work. Amy laughed about the boys. She loved watching them get tongue-tied and she decided to have some fun.

She grabbed two pairs of tight running shorts and she headed to the boys’ room.

“Hey guys, which of these do you think looks better?” She held them up for the boys. This time David was quicker.

“Well, we’d have to see them on first.”

Amy was proud of them. They actually thought of that.

She said, “Ok, you guys wait right here.”

Then she walked in the hall. Annette was watching.

“What are you doing?” she asked

Amy laughed. “Teasing the little pervs.”

Just out of view of the doorway she took off her jeans. She dropped them on the floor in front of the doorway. Then she pulled on a pair of shorts.

While pulling on the shorts, Annette admired her. She looked hot standing in the hallway in a thong and top. Damn she has a great ass, she thought. I bet she looks hot with that ass in the air. Annette shook her head, she must be horny today. All she could think about was sex.

Amy walked in the boys’ room. She had on a pair of tight red running shorts and her top from work. The guys started jumping all over her trying to tell her how good the shorts looked. Amy was having none of it.

“Hold on, let me get a top that matches.”

She went to her room and grabbed another top. Again she stood by the door. She took off her top and dropped it where the boys could see it. Then she did the same thing with her bra. She was amazed the boys didn’t move. They just looked at her clothes on the floor.

Annette was checking out Amy’s tits. Good god they were gorgeous. She wondered what they’d taste like, feel like on her tongue.

Amy pulled a tight tank top on. Her nipples pushed against the material. She went in to show the boys.

“How does this look?” she asked.

The boys stared. David, as usual was the first to talk.

“Wow Amy, you look hot.”

“Thank you David,” she said.

Annette was watching Amy tease the boys. It was kind of hot to have the boys falling over themselves for Amy.

Amy went back to her room to do something. Annette went to finish dinner.

The boys all came through the kitchen.

“Can we eat downstairs, mom?” said Trevor. “We’re going to play some games.”

“Sure guys.” said Annette.

As she said it, she was wondering if David was checking out her ass as she stood in the kitchen.

“Looking good, Mrs. Bishop,” said David.

“Thank you,” said Annette.

“Hey Mrs. Bishop,” said David. “We’re going in the sauna later. Want to come?”

Annette thought. Hmmm. Bathing suit? Towel? This sounds fun.

“Ok David, call me when you’re ready.”

“Well we didn’t bring suits, can we borrow some towels?”

“Of course David, just say when.”

Annette felt her heart beat faster. Naked, in a sauna, wrapped in towels, with four 18 year old boys. Her pussy got wet.

Patrick got home. He kissed Annette hello. “What’s happening around here?”

“Well, the boys invited me to join them in the sauna later.”

Patrick laughed. “Sounds like one of your fantasies.”

“Yeah, kinda does.”

She went and got towels for herself and the boys. The boys would wrap them around their waists but she would need more coverage. Sheknew that I f she used the same towels as the boys she’d barely be covered. That sounded fine to her. She waited for them to call her.

Amy was in her room. She was using her vibrator against her clit and wondering what the boys would have thought if they saw her naked. This is the one thing she hated about being home. No one to fuck. At school she could always find a guy in the dorms to fuck or a pretty girl, but at home it was much harder.

Sex stories: Mother must decide what’s best for her son

She thought of the boys. She wanted more than that. She pictured the guy she’d met at the gym and wondered if he had a girlfriend, not that she cared. She played with her pussy and thought about the way the last guy she fucked tasted. She thought about how his cock tasted covered with her pussy juice and his cum.

That was it, she came. It wasn’t the most satisfying orgasm, but it was good for now.

Annette was in the kitchen when the guys called to do the sauna. She came down with the towels and the boys went in the other room to change. She thought what the hell, and started undressing right where she was. In the back of her mind she hoped they would catch her. They kind of did. They walked into the sauna with towels around them. She was naked but holding the towel in front of her.

Dave walked behind her and said, “Nice ass.”

Annette giggled. “Well thank you,” she said as she wrapped the towel around her. She knew a bit of her ass was hanging out, but she didn’t mind.

David said to Trevor, “I told you your mom had a great ass.”

Trevor laughed. “I didn’t get to see it.”

Joel and Tom said, “neither did we.”

Annette laughed, “So now what? You all want to see my ass?”

They all looked at each other and nodded.

Annette was getting that feeling in her pussy. She knew she shouldn’t do this. They were 18. What if they told?

On the other hand, how wrong was this? That’s what made it hot.

Dave said, “You have a great ass. And they don’t believe me. You don’t want me to look like a liar?”

Annette laughed. “OK, OK, Let’s get out of this sauna.”

They all got out of the sauna.

“Trevor? Are you sure you want your friends to do this?”

Trevor said, “Mom, they’ve been talking about this for years. Just to shut them up, I’d do it.”

Annette laughed. “OK, ready?”

David said, “Wait.”

“Wait for what?”

“I want to take the towel off you.”

Annette nodded.

At that point, Amy was looking for her mom when heard the noise downstairs. She headed down the steps and saw her mom in a towel surrounded by the four boys. She backed up the stairs to where she could watch.

Annette asked Trevor again if he was sure. Trevor nodded. David reached for the towel. Annette was now standing naked in front of these four boys.

David ran his hand across her ass. “Told you it was still firm,” he said.

He spun her so she was facing him. Her ass towards the other three boys. She could feel them all reach out and touch her. Meanwhile David was looking at her tits. He reached up to grab them. He was clumsy. The fact that he didn’t know what he was doing turned Annette on.

Amy, at the top of the stairs, was watching her brother stroke her mom’s ass. “That’s sick” she thought. As she thought it, her fingers found her pussy. She was already wet.

Annette looked down. Dave obviously was hard under his towel. She reached down to grab it. The towel fell away.

“Hey Trevor,” Dave said. “You’re mom’s playing with. my cock.”

“Are you complaining?” said Trevor. “You’ve been jerking your cock to my mom for years.”

Annette heard that. She felt the cock in her hand. “Years?” she asked.

Dave nodded.

Annette got down on her knees and said, “Anything else you’ve been dreaming of?”

Dave just looked at her. Annette’s tongue snaked out and licked the tip of his cock. “Anything?” she said.

Amy watching from the stairs had kicked off her shorts and thong. Legs spread, she was playing with her pussy. The boys were too focused on Annette to notice.

Annette took Dave full in her mouth. Dave groaned. Dave looked at Trevor.

“Have you ever fucked before?”

Trevor said, “No,”

Dave said, “Fuck her.”

Trevor was not sure. “Mom?” he said.

Annette took her mouth off Dave’s cock; she wanted to be fucked. She said, “Trevor, fuck your mom’s pussy.”

Sex stories: Beth Visits gangbang party

At the top of the stairs, Amy came when she heard that.

Annette rolled on her back. She pulled Dave’s cock into her mouth and spread her legs for Trevor. Trevor, never having done this before was shaky. His friend Joel reached out, grabbed Trevor’s cock, and aimed it in her. Trevor sunk right in.

Joel and Tom were watching. They kneeled next to each other and started jerking each other’s cocks. The sight was too much for Annette; she came. These boys had never fucked before, and she wondered how long they’d last.

It didn’t take long to find out. Joel and Tom jerked each other and started shooting cum all over Annette’s chest. As the hot cum landed on her tits, she came.

“So good,” she said. “That was so hot. I fucking love cum on me.”

Then to Trevor she said, “Did you feel that? Did you feel your mom cum? I came all over your cock when your friends sprayed their cum on my tits. Did you like it? Did you like seeing your mom’s tits covered in cum?”

Amy watched from the top of the stairs. She had pushed her shirt up and was playing with her tits, pulling on the nipples. She still had her fingers on her cunt. As the cum landed on her mom’s chest, she was imagining how it would feel on her chest. She came on her fingers again.

Annette was still being fucked. She rolled over, got on her hands and knees, and pulled David to the ground. David lay down in front of her.

“That’s it baby,” she said, taking Dave’s cock in her hand, “Now this beautiful black cock is in my control.”

Trevor was behind her, she had her ass in the air. She looked back at him.

“Stick that cock back in my cunt. Fuck your mother. Make me cum again. Your friends want to see my son fuck me. They now know your mom’s a slut. Show them what you do to mommy’s slutty cunt. Fill it up with cum.”

Trevor started fucking her hard. With every thrust, she was pushed down on Dave’s cock in her mouth.

Joel and Tom were cheering Trevor on. “That’s it. Fuck your mom. Cum in her cunt. Next time we’re going to fuck her.”

Hearing that, Annette came again.

At the top of the stairs so did Amy.

Annette started jerking and sucking David’s cock. “You started all this. Is this what you wanted to see? Trevor’s mom with cum on her tits, sucking your cock, while Trevor fucks me? Now when you come over, will you just take me when you want? Stick this beautiful black cock in my pussy? Use me as a cumslut? Is that what you wanted?”

Dave started to cum. Some hit Annette on the face before she got her mouth around it. She swallowed the rest.

She turned to Trevor. “Keep fucking me baby. Fill your mom’s cunt. I have your friends’ cum on my face and tits. Even in my stomach. Your friends will probably want to fuck me whenever they come over. Maybe they’ll just push me on the floor and take turns filling my cunt. Think how sloppy my cunt would be if all three of them came in me. Do you like knowing your mom is a slut? Do you like seeing her covered with cum?”

Trevor exploded inside her. She could feel the hot cum hit the inside of her pussy.

“Oh my god Mom, I never knew fucking would feel like this.”

Annette came again.

Amy, seeing that came one more time. She grabbed her clothes and headed for her room.

Annette got up and said, “Thanks guys. See you in the morning.”

She went to her room. Patrick was in bed. He looked at her and saw the cum drying and dripping from her face and tits.

“Wow, what happened to you?”

Annette pushed him down and straddled his face.

“Trevor just dumped a load of cum in my cunt.”

Patrick’s tongue licked her from clit to cum-filled slit. As soon as his tongue hit her clit, she came again.

“That’s it. Clean our son’s cum out of me. Eat my cum filled cunt.”

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Here Are Some of the Stories You Shared.

Jenny in Illinois

When I was at a football game in fifth grade, two boys who were 3 years older than us thought it was funny to pin my friend and I down to the ground and threaten us with lewd and suggestive remarks. We felt helpless and alone. When they finally let us go we ran for the bathroom because that was the one place we knew they couldn’t follow.

Tiffany in South Carolina

Sleepover incest | incest story from Anonymous | An Erotic Story

Sleepover incest

Written by Anonymous. on 2015-06-10. genre incest

«Mom!» Hollered Seth as I was laying in the bathtub, soaking up the fresh salts I had just bought earlier. «Can Jesse spend the night?» He crept into the bathroom with a big grin on his face and sat at the edge of the tub. «Pleeeeeeeeeeze?» He begged and held his hands up as if he were praying to the Heavens to make it happen. «We want to watch this scary movie that’s on Showtime and it’s supposed to be awesome.

«I thought you were hanging out at work after he got off.» I bellowed and sat up just enough to let my nipples bob in and out of the water and lay my head back against the cold porcelain. «What am I supposed to do? I was going to pig out on ice cream and watch Lifetime.» I noticed Seth was only half listening as my eyes were closed and when I peeked out of my right eye my own 17 year old son was staring at my breasts as if he had never seen them before.

Seth had been in the bathroom many times while I was relaxing but he was getting older and more and more curious. We had sex talks here and there but as a single mother I just didn’t always know what to say. He walks around the house in his boxers and nothing seems to bother him at all but I did teach him that the body is something beautiful and should not be coveted. Unable to practice what I teach, I caught him the other day masturbating in his room and found myself watching him in awe. I had chalked it up to the love a mother has for a son and the realisation that he is becoming a man, not to mention he was built like his father, muscular and well endowed.

«Ice cream! Awesome!» He shouted as he raised his hands into the air. «You can watch it with us if you want.» He stated. «Besides, Jesse loves you and you know that. You’re like the coolest mom ever! Hey! Let’s do a scary night sleepover like we used to do when I was younger.»

«Don’t you think you’re a little old for that. I’m not sure I want to hang around some 17 year olds popping boners all over the place.» I said sternly. Seth broke out into a hysteria of laughter and moments later I had to join him because it sounded so ridiculous, but I was serious. I also think Jesse had a crush on me by the way he gives me those Eddie Haskel smiles and I’ve caught him checking out my ass several times, but he was like another son to me as he and Seth have known each other for years and still remained friends even after they found out I snuck out once or twice with Jesse’s father who was quite a stud back then and knew what he was doing when it came to pleasing a woman.

«Don’t be ridiculous, Mom, it will be just like the old days.» He said with a smug look on his face that no Mother can resist. He obviously treasured his upbringing and how could I possible deny him a repeat. I should have listened to my instincts that evening instead of falling into the «Good ol’ days» feeling that I did because we got out the blankets, put them on the floor, broke out the ice cream and watched our scary movie.

I don’t know how many times I grabbed my son or Jesse because I was so frightened and I know at least one time when I grabbed onto Jesse and his hand went right onto my breast which wasn’t good because, like a fool, I had put on my long tee shirt and undies and that was it! I wasn’t thinking, I suppose, when I lay down with the boys that I was a middle aged, attractive, well endowed woman constantly grabbing onto these two young horny boys. Several times I remember something bumping my leg or one of the boys coping a quick feel but honestly, I thought I was just being paranoid at the time because there was a moment when I was tickling my son and I distinctly felt his cock rub against my hand and it was solid like a rock and I couldn’t shake the weird feeling I had at the moment somewhere between disgusted and turned on. There’s a fine line a woman nearing menopause has to walk sometimes.

We had all fallen asleep and I woke to the sounds of some infomercial and I quickly felt around for the remote. Not to my surprise I found the hard cock of my son in my hand and I quickly released it and quit moving. I slowly turned my head to look at him and he was sound asleep, just my little baby boy. I moved my hand towards my leg and the remote fell right into my hand. I pulled my hand from under the cover and pointed it at the TV, pushed the mute button and let the light of the TV light my way. I needed to get up and go to bed.

I turned to the left and saw Jesse’s stomach right at my face with his shirt pushed up to his nipple, cute little budding hairs on his tummy and sporting a teenage six pack. As I looked slightly downwards I felt something hard against my breast and then in absolute astonishment I found my breast bearing itself to the world, pointing to the sky with it’s taught nipple gleaming in the light and a rather large, hard, glistening boy penis laying right on top. «Oh my God,» I thought to myself. What has happened here. There was a gleaming spot on my nipple and on the very tip of this boys tool, poking out from his boxers. I quickly assessed the situation. The kid certainly did not have a wet dream on me but I did wonder how long he was humping my tit. I thought that maybe I should just grab it lightly and set it aside but the minute I put it between my middle finger and thumb Jesse began to hump in his sleep. His hard muscle kept coming at me and once or twice it bumped me on the mouth. I let go of it and it fell right between my breasts and he kept up the rhythm. «WTF?» I thought. What was I going to do? I started getting a little tingly inside and then I turned my head towards my son. He was fast asleep. Maybe I could just let this kid blast my tits and get out of here without this becoming a major deal. I put my hand under my breast and pushed it up into his cock which just kept thrusting its head closer and closer to my lips and then I cupped the other hand over my other breast and squeezed gently. His cock was getting very hard and the shiny liquid just kept seeping from his throbbing member.

My son began to stir and I thought «Shit! What am I going to do now?» I held still and Jesse kept pumping away and now every thrust forward was reaching my upper lip. My son began to move close to me and spooning me. His arm moved and whipped right over my stomach and his crotch pushed into my ass. I could tell his cock was hard as a rock. too and now I’m stuck with two sleeping, horned up young men. «How the fuck does this happen?» I think to myself and then my son’s plump, hard cock starts to forge its way into my undies and before I even have the chance to think, he was gliding freely into my womanhood, thanks to the pool of excitement I have welled up in my shaved little beaver for the shaft that’s making it’s way into my mouth. I couldn’t take it anymore and I backed my ass into Seth’s raging hardon until he could go nofurther. I took a deep breath and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. Seth began to move his cock inside me, first around a little then he pulled back and then forced it forward until I could feel his testicles up against my ass.

I finally put my hand over the head of Jesse’s battering ram, opened my mouth and let it slide against the roof of my mouth. It was huge and hard to keep my mouth open the whole time. His head just kept spreading my lips open and I could barely get my whole hand around it but I backed my mouth off of it and kept my hand around the head where I just watched it go in and out of my hand. Jesse’s testicles were tickling my nipple and I kept trying to get his cock back in my mouth but the position was such that I could just wrap my lips around the base of his shaft.

My son was pumping frantically in and out of my heavily soaked love nest and I could hear the slapping of his testicles on my ass cheek. His hand reached down my tummy and his finger pushed into my clitoris. I was going to bust and I felt Seth stop, push hard into my little button and then I felt it. A huge surge through the bottom of his cock and I suddenly realized he was filling me up. I felt another surge through him and then Jesse started short, quick trips through my finger and thumb so I squeezed it a little and began jerk him like I was shaking a bottle.

Semen was flying everywhere, landing on my tits, my forehead, my ear and a huge blob landed right on my tongue. I held him in my hand while he slipped back a little and squeezed what was left out of him onto my tongue, then realized what had just taken place. I waited a few minutes and let the boys fall back to sleep, then got up slowly and went to bed. I woke up in a really good mood the next morning and my son never asked to have someone sleep over again.

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