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Incest forum stories

incest forum stories

Incest Confessions & incest sins | confessionstories. org

Incest confession stories and sins


Teenage Nightmares

«I wrote this in Like 10 minutes cause i had to capture everything coming to me really quickly so if there are any mistakes I was in a haste, This is the closest you’ll ever get to knowing me, I put in my fears, my past, my thoughts and my secrets. These are real conversations and real occurrences whether shown literally or through symbolism. You are literally entering my mind and with this you should have an idea of not only who I am but why I am the way I am. P. s. give me my credit because I’m a fucking genius»

Chapter III

It’s colder than night time inside me

Tropical scenery while my misery’s..

Filling me, she’s feeling me

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